Our passion towards campus ministry comes from the desire to serve and equip the next generation who will be leaders in the most influential spheres of culture: politics, medicine, education, business, family, church and media. We believe that if these individuals are anchored in the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we will see our nation and our world transformed. 

 Today’s campuses are full of future culture-shapers and world leaders who are just now discovering ideas and forming values that will mold what our society becomes in the next few years. We have the amazing opportunity to share with these students the life-changing love of Christ during the most formative time of their lives; as the conversations and life-shaping experiences students have while campus are what will inspire what they share now with their families and what they contribute as leaders in their communities after graduation.  

The diversity on campus also offers a unique setting where people from a multitude of backgrounds come together with their hearts open to learning truth. It’s truly possible to reach every nation without stepping off campus, and that’s an incredible opportunity that we are excited to make the most of through building intentional relationships as we share life with amazing individuals from around the world.  


Image of Angela Frost

Angela Frost

Angela is the latest addition to the Campus Ministry team, recently joining us from the US Every Nation office when she moved up to serve alongside her husband, Greg, in ministry. Angela enjoys meeting with students on campus, hearing what they are passionate about and encouraging them to pursue God in conjunction with their biggest dreams and desires. She is passionate about students understanding the value of Christ-centered family, hearing the voice of God, and walking in freedom. Originally from the United States, Angela enjoys warmer weather, beaches, cooking and naps.

Image of Chantai Minet

Chantai Minet

Chantai grew up in Canada’s great white north – Whitehorse, Yukon – until moving to Calgary, Alberta where she studied to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. UChurch quickly became a family and landing place for her during and in between her adventures abroad. Chantai has been a longstanding part of our UChurch team however her deep love for people, culture, and discovery have also taken her around the world on international mission.  Her passion for creative expression has led her to developing a skillset that inspires her to cultivate creative and relational environments for people to explore who they are and who God is. Chantai says, “At the heart of my craft, and my life, remains a passion for empowering people into freedom.”
Chantai is back in Calgary now and excited about her new role as Creative Director at UChurch! 
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Image of Chris Grant

Chris Grant

Chris Grant was born in Saint John, New Brunswick but grew up in St Paul, Alberta. His father is a minister and Chris grew up heavily involved in the Church. Chris moved to Calgary to attend the University of Calgary to do a Bachelor of Arts in Canadian Studies and a Bachelor of Education. While at University, God gave him a desire to see a move of God among students and young adults. After finishing his degrees, Chris became a campus minister, primarily based out of the University of Calgary. As he grew up in the church world and understands it well, Chris has a particular soft spot in his heart for church kids who have walked away from the faith. Chris has a desire to bring young people to a place of knowing their true identity, one rooted in the love God has for them. 

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Image of Greg Frost

Greg Frost

Greg has been serving in full-time campus ministry with UChurch since spring of 2013. After starting and sustaining a Bible study with athletes at the University of Calgary in 2008, Greg felt called to continue to mentor students after graduating. Greg’s passion is to develop students into impacting their own spheres of influence. He also enjoys starting new campus ministries and empowering students to change their campus. He enjoys creating an environment where students can learn more about God and hearing is voice in their daily lives. Originally from Edmonton, Greg enjoys anything that involves the outdoors and spending time with his family. 

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Image of Jesse Ward

Jesse Ward

Originally from a small farming community in Three Hills, Alberta, Jesse has been a part of UChurch for 3 years and got connected while he was a student on the MRU campus.  

During his time on campus, Jesse experienced what it was like to be isolated and alone in a new environment, as it was so different than the strong family environment he was used to, and that he valued so highly.  It wasn’t until he finally got connected with a group of student athletes that he started to get knit into community; his deep sense of loneliness dissolved as he became part of the UChurch family. Jesse’s heart is for the University campus, specifically Mount Royal University, to connect students into family. He wants to see his generation grow in their faith and truly experience God, as well as build community with their peers and other generations so that they don’t have to walk through that same loneliness. Jesse considers being in campus ministry  a huge honour, and he loves being able to build connections with students and help them walk through some of the toughest spiritual years of their lives.

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Image of Sean Tuff

Sean Tuff

In January 2013, Sean was a student-athlete minding his own business at the University of Calgary, when he had a powerful experience with God that changed his way of life forever. That moment has led to many others since and stirred a passion in him to help create spaces for people, students in particular, to experience that same loving God.

 Loneliness, self-acceptance and belonging have been the major battles he has faced in the last few years, which has allowed him to relate to so many on campus.

Now, You’ll often find Sean playing any number of games especially disc golf or volleyball, enjoying anything Star Wars or finding new creative ways to woo his new wife Stephanie.

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