Freedom FAQs

FAQ’s about Restoring The Foundations (RTF) and healing ministry at UChurch:

  1. Is there any preparation I need to do before an RTF ministry time?
    You ministry team will let you know. They will likely lend you a booklet called a Receiver’s Guide which will outline the ministry process for you.
  1. How long is a ministry appointment?
    Usually between 2 and 3 hours
  1. What does it cost?
    UChurch does not charge for Issue-Focused Ministry.
  1. What if I need more than one session?
    At the end of the session, your ministry team will consult with you on next steps.
  1. Where do you meet for ministry?
    There will be two ministers and you will likely meet in one of their homes.
  1. What if I have more than one issue I want to deal with?
    Your team will give you suggestions for ministry for another issue, and how/when it should be dealt with.
  1. What if I can’t name my issue, I just know I’m hurting?
    Do your best to identify what area in your life is troubling you right now, and answer all the questions in the application form with this issue in mind.
  1. Can I choose my ministry team?
    At UChurch we like to match you with team you are in relationship with so they can walk with you after your ministry. We will make sure you are comfortable with your ministry team.
  1. Do I have to attend UChurch in order to receive ministry?
    Our team is trained to minister to those who attend UChurch because the elders are our pastoral accountability.  There are always exceptions. For those who do not attend UChurch, the leadership will review your personal questionnaire and then talk to you about it.
  1. How do I sign up for a ministry appointment if I don’t know anyone who is trained?
    You can email and someone will get in touch with you and help you set up an appointment.