The Groups

Friday Coventry Hills Small Group (in Tuscany until July)

Leader(s) Verna Marzo
Weekly Friday, 6:30 PM
Location Tuscany
  This is a multi-ethinic group whose vision is to make Jesus known and to raise new leaders through discipleship. Men and women welcome!

Spanish Missional Community – Panorama Hills NW

Leader(s) Nolly Mercado
Weekly Monday, 10:00 AM
Location Panorama Hills NW
  Ladies Bible study and fellowship group in Spanish. Events and outreach in English, everyone welcome!

Young Adults – Beddington NW

Leader(s) Jamilah Joseph & Jeff Edwards
Weekly Thursday, 7:30 PM
Location Beddington
  Young Adult Singles, Newlywed/Engaged couples experiencing God together.

Thursday Signature Park Small Group

Leader(s) John and Rowena MacNeil
Weekly Thursday, 6:00 PM
Location Calgary Signature Park
  Couples with young children who gather for dinner, and to study the Word of God (kids are welcome too!).

Huntington Hills Missional Community

Leader(s) Wendy Robertson & Brian Hill
Weekly Thursday, 7:00 PM
Location Varies – Huntington, Calgary NW
  Living life together in Huntington Hills NW. Focused on community outreach through food and fellowship.

Tuesday Tuscany Missional Community

Leader(s) Karl and Kia Houston
Every Other Week Tuesday, 7:00 PM
Location 168 Tuscany Ridge View NW
  We are a group that is committed to learn how to live like community and family and be on Gods mission together to reach those who don’t know Jesus. We are a mixed group with people in any stage of life. We meet every other Tuesday as believers. Then on off week, we live life together and invite our friends and neighbours to join in… from BBQ to movies…

Tuesday Missional Community – Charleswood NW

Leader(s) Robert Braaten, Ellen Braaten
Weekly Tuesday, 7:30 PM
Location Charleswood NW
  Meeting together for a time of fellowship, biblical study, worship and outreach. Our focus is learning how to live like Jesus, and serving each other and our communities.

Wednesday Missional Community – Cochrane

Leader(s) Brent and Patty Clarke
Weekly Wednesday, 7:30 PM
Location Cochrane
  Our focus is on becoming a family who like to eat together, worship, pray and study the Word. It is also important for us to serve, both locally and overseas. All are welcome! Dinner at 6:30pm/ Group at 7:30pm.

Wednesday Heritage Small Group

Leader(s) Rodelyn Macatula, Ricardo Macatula
Weekly Wednesday, 6:30 PM
Location N/A
  This group is mostly made up of couples, but all are welcome! Our vision is to raise up servants and leaders through discipleship.

Wednesday Renfrew Small Group

Leader(s) Laura Huang, Bertrand S
Bi-Weekly Wednesday, 6:30 PM
Location Renfrew
  We love to share a good meal, and work through practical application of our Biblical studies together.

Wednesday U of C

Leader(s) Chris Grant
Weekly Wednesday, 7:00 PM
Location U of C – MacEwan Hall Dairy Queen
  University students who love God and seek to grow in their relationship with Him.