February 26, 2017: Sean & Steph Tuff – The Blessed Life 6

February 26, 2017: Sean & Steph Tuff – The Blessed Life 6

The following notes are based on Craig Hill’s book Living on the Third River.

Signs of the influence of the spirit of Mammon

  1. Worry & anxiety over money
    Rich people fear losing money, poor people fear never having enough
  2. Money mismanagement
    “I don’t know where it went”
  3. Consistent financial lack
    “I don’t ever have enough money” / too much month at the end of the money
  4. “I can’t afford it” mentality
    How much is enough?
  5. Impulse buying
    The inability to resist the desire to purchase
  6. Stinginess
    A fear of tithing or regular giving because “I won’t have enough to meet my own needs”
  7. Greed
    An inordinate desire to acquire of possess
  8. Discontentment
    My circumstances determine my outlook
  9. Bondage to debt
    Unplanned consumer debt & inability to delay immediate personal gratification
  10. Exaggerated emphasis on money & an overestimate of its true power
    Strong emphasis on pursuing money because “money promises power”



” Heavenly Father, thank you for revealing to us the influence that the spirit of Mammon has had in our life. Lord, we renounce the allegiance that this spirit has had in our hearts. We purposefully break the power of the spirit of Mammon in our lives and over our finances. We revoke today any authority we have given Mammon and we give that authority to Jesus Christ alone. Lord, forgive us for focusing on money instead of on you. We ask you, Lord, to renew our minds to the truth that you are the source of our provision and that anything we receive is a gift from you. We trust you to meet our financial needs because you love us.  Amen.”