2017 Prayer & Fasting – Ending Well

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Hi Everyone,

As we come to the end of the week I want to encourage us on a few things related to finishing the prayer and fast week.

Resource Links: As we progressed through the fasting guide, one area Jim Laffoon introduced on Day 3 was “Praying in the Spirit”. For some people, praying in the Spirit, or praying in tongues may be new for you, or perhaps you would like a fuller, Biblical context. Please feel free to connect with me Sunday if you have any questions – in the mean time, here are two, short youtube clips that give unique perspectives from two very respected teachers in the North American Church:

                What is Speaking in Tongues? John Piper, (7 min) 

                Importance of Words – Speaking in Purity Robert Morris (20min) 


UChurch Prayer Points

As we finish off the week, I would encourage us to pray for a few things that are important part of Gods missional heart within our local church family.

  1. Campus: Pray for healthy partnership teams for the campus staff, spiritual fervor and the upcoming outreaches with Pastor John Rohrer in January and Dr. Greg Mitchell in February at Uof C, SAIT & MRU. (staff: Greg & Angela, Sean, Jesse and Chris)
  2. Missions: Pray for health and provision for Ralph & Glenda (Hopethiopia), Tara (FreedomTree), Rachel (HopeCleaning), Dani (Uganda), Anne (YWAM Quebec), Nathan (Free Artist Society)…
  3. Home Groups: please pray for refreshing and renewal of existing and new leaders as we gather this coming Saturday evening
  4. Canadian Church Plants: Pray for pastoral leads Jerry Bondoc & family (Edmonton), Prime Espiritu & family, Derrick Moodley & family (Winnipeg), Bert Thomson (Toronto), Michael Touchton (Montreal)


Ending The Fast – Dr. Ralph Dubienski

Jesus fasted 40 days and we know he was the most vulnerable at the end of his fast. We too are vulnerable – Ralph sent me some important reminders of things we all need to consider as we come to the end of our fast, if we wish to ‘reap and keep’ the rewards gained in this week. Be on guard, the enemy would love to temp you in order to steal the gains made…

  • Remember, the temptations were presented to Jesus at the end of his fast – this is true of us as well – the enemy wants to take advantage of us when we are most vulnerable – stay vigilant
  • At the end of our fast what is our response? Hopefully we do not just gorge ourselves with everything from the world (food, technology, entertainment etc.) and end up going back to where we started from or even possibly risk going even further back.
  • For some people during the fast you might not have heard much from God; prayer and reading may have been challenging in a your weak state, it may not seem evident that something has been happening within us – be patient – many days later we will get further revelation and more understanding will come. He is a rewarder of those who seek him!
  • Be expectant and God will continue to speak – continue to listen and respond to His divine initiative as outlined in day 5 of the guide.
  • Remember –  inner transformation rarely comes in giant leaps or resolutions, but in a slow, steady heart that keeps leaning into God’s reality and out of the illusions of this world. God loves you and He lives within you – and He is determined to complete everything He has for you.  Ephesians 2:10 & Philippians 1:6


See you all Sunday! Come early as we celebrate life, food and warm weather with our special guest speaker and friend, coach/pastor John Rohrer. It would take too much space here to describe everywhere he has traveled, the people he has impacted and the lives that have been touched. Needless to say he is father of five fantastic young men, married to his first wife (my joke), and always has an encouraging word for anyone who has ears to hear. Bring a friend and an open heart!


Welcome to the amazing 2017