Be the Light – Mission’s applications

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Are you ready to go? To be a part of the change? We want to “go” with you! Whether you’re on your own, or with a team, this is the first step.

Fill in the application below, and let’s get started!

Step 1 : Let us know what you want to do

          Trip/Project Proposal

Step 2: Once your proposal has been approved – you, and everyone on your team, needs to fill in an application: 

          Missions Application 

Step 3: For each application submitted, we need 1 peer and 1 pastoral reference. We’ve made you forms for this! Send your peers and pastors here to complete and submit their references:

          Peer reference  

          Pastoral reference

Step 4: Everyone must sign and fill out a liability waiver before you go. Print and sign this form and hand back to admin contact.

          Liability Waiver 

Are you heading on a missions trip with an organization other than UChurch? If you want UChurch to participate, this is where you start: 

         External Missions Trip Funding Proposal