Sunday Morning is Family Time!

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If you’ve been around UChurch for a while, you know we consider ourselves a family and you’ve probably heard the analogy that our time together on Sundays is kinda like a family dinner.  Right now, we could use some help “setting the table” so to speak.  As we head into the fall, we’ve had some transitions and changes on our teams, and pretty much all of them could use more help!

If you’ve been thinking about getting involved for a while, or if you’re new and looking for a way to build new relationships, we encourage you to jump in and get to know the family – and what better way to do that then by helping make our gatherings possible! If you’re looking for the opportunity to build a specific team that might not currently exist or have a leader, let us know!

Whatever your passion, whatever your availability, we’d love to hear from you.  Areas specifically needing help right now are hospitality, multimedia, setup, family ministries, and sound, so really, whatever abilities you have could be used somewhere!

Contact Keeley by email or phone at 403-397-3301 for more information.