Hospitality Needs You!

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Hi Family!

As you’ve probably heard, our hospitality team is mixing things up!  We’re inviting everyone to get involved – whether you’re a part of a group that would like to help out, or you’re looking for a way to help out individually, we’d love for you to jump in!  

Hospitality at UChurch not only sets the table for our pre-service coffee time, but extends a welcome to everyone in our family, and those that are new and just checking things out. We provide information, answer questions and help create an approachable, engaging environment. Our team participates in worship by taking up the offering, and we keep things tidy by helping clean up after the service.  Think this sounds like something you’d like to help with?  We’d love to hear from you!!

Here’s how you can help:

Join the hospitality team Sunday mornings by coming early to greet people, introduce yourself to newcomers and start conversations with strangers – our whole family plays a part in making this a welcoming space!

Interested in being involved on a more consistent basis, or in serving as communication point for this team? Grab a few friends, your small group, or sign up on your own by clicking here:  Hospitality Sign Up Sheet. You’ll be sent info on what all “taking on a Sunday” entails.   Have questions?  Feel free to email me, or give me a shout at 403-383-7444.