Men’s Retreat: Fathers & Sons

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By Dwight Van Middlesworth

With spring around the corner (or making an earlier appearance), the UChurch Men’s Retreat is approaching quickly, with less than two weeks away. The Crowsnest Pass Bible Camp is host for this year’s retreat. It is set in the heart of the Crowsnest Pass, near the Albert / B.C. boundary. For all you skier’s and boarder’s, the camp is 45 minutes short of the Fernie slopes. With two years evolving since the last Men’s Retreat, staged in the Alberta wilderness of Camp Teepee Pole, this will be an occasion for men to be men, with our “kind”. 

It will be a place for us to be in rugged territory, with unshaven appearances, and rubbing shoulders together – all for the purpose of uniting the troops of men to learn as a unit from our Commander-In-Chief. It holds to be a time to get strengthened in the faith, so we can better serve and offer our strength as men to the greater bride (UChurch) and to our brides, or brides-to-be, as well as our families.

This year’s theme is “Fathers and Sons”; that is, both naturally and spiritually, with the emphasis on the latter. We’ll be continuing the journey of what our church family has been learning over the last year or two about sonship and our Father’s heart towards His son’s. For all who are going, we are taking an intentional step forward in carving out the time of an entire weekend to learn, discover, and grow in this very real, very life-changing, and very liberating truth. 

Here is one final word: Freedom. Ask any man and that is what he most deeply wants. This weekend, by God’s grace and His doing, will be a time for many a man to experience just this.




Dwight Dwight FaceVan Middlesworth is the leader of the UChurch Multimedia Team and has been part of our church family for 13 years. A writing and reading enthusiast, he enjoys thinking about the big and small things in life, as well as using his witty sense of humour to make other’s laugh.