Reach Out Calgary

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 Reach Out Calgary has designed a creative resource for people needing support as they support others!  

This page is designed by a group of Christian volunteers who would like to reach out to newcomers in Calgary. We would like to help those who have resettled to our city to ensure they integrate to Calgary and experience the beauty of our city. While we care for others, we need to take care of ourselves. Thus, we will share stories, emotions and adventures together. Humans are born to be part of a community, hence creating a group where the caring individuals care for each other is paramount! 

Our core value is to create a community of individuals who care to create an inclusive sense of community where division is bridged by unity, hatred is replaced with love, and time means we enjoy what we like to do.

Anybody is welcomed to join as long as you abide by the following criteria:
• Respect for difference 
• No use of profanity 
• No racist comments 
• You can express disagreement in a respectful manner
If you have a servant heart and also need a support group, this community is designed for you.

To a fun and adventurous journey together!!!