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A note from Brant:

“God is not unjust, he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” – Heb 6:10

Hi Church – Its been a while since sending out a ‘family letter, but let me start this one with a HUGE thank-you. This verse Paul pens above is for all of you. Paul says that you have shown God love AS you have helped his children and continue to help them. In other words, when you help others, love your neigbour – you are showing love to God. Simple..

I find it hard to believe September and October are now behind us – maybe it’s just me, but the old adage “time flies” seems like a reasonable summary as I ponder the previous 12 weeks. Perhaps turning back the clock tonight will alleviate some of my perception – extra sleep always helps ☺.

As I was preparing to write about “what’s ahead” in this letter (see below for that), I was prompted with the word ‘remember’. God seemed to be getting my attention – I began to recall some of the moments in the past 12 weeks – remembering Victoria Nze, her family and so many friends who were impacted, remembering the Father Heart “A” schools in August, remembering the Father Heart Conference in September with James & Denice Jordan, and just last week with Walter and Ida Cowert. So many hearts touched because so many of you helped others.

I recall some of the people we have seen recently head out to further the kingdom outside of Canada – Jen & Nolly (Columbia, Peru), Steph (Asia), Chantai (Mozambique, India, World Race), Dani (Uganda), Tynan (Germany, Mozambique), Jessica (India), Katie (India), Dave (Albania), Ralph & Glenda (Ethiopia & Rwanda). So many of you have sacrificed time and resources to see these people be able to extend Gods kingdom…

I recall it was not that long ago we had no campus missionary staff, but in recent months we are blessed to see the team growing and forming; Greg, Kaitlin, Chris, Sean and soon Jessie will be joining the team reaching out to three campuses in our city. We have been privileged to see Father God expand into our nations cities as well – in the last 2 months we have had the joy to see two new Everynation Churches birthed in Edmonton and Winnipeg.

The list could go on – but I think you get the drift – we have much to be grateful for in these “full” days. No wonder it feels like time has flown by… lots has been happening. Despite the many challenges and tribulations many of us have faced in the these same 12 weeks, God has worked through you all. Individually we are each unique, we are called to do our own “special work”, and when we do so, so much more is possible.

So thanks to everyone for every thing you have done, given and sacrificed for. As Paul notes, He will not forget your work… He remembers, so shall we. – Brant

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