Sierra Leone 3 Month Team

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Our Freedom Tree team (Carolyn, Jessica & Josiah) will be working alongside the New Harvest Development Office, local governmental authorities, local midwives, and the West Africa Fistula Foundation to create a pre and post natal program that will be implemented in rural health posts and birthing clinics in Sierra Leone. We will be developing curriculum, and delivering it through New Harvest’s church-building model; starting with the village connections already established, and growing from there to reach even the most remote locations.

The goal of the pre and post natal program is to see God’s heart for pregnancy and birthing realized: physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy moms giving birth to healthy babies with overflowing joy!

Right now, the reality in Sierra Leone is that pregnant women are extremely fearful to give birth because of the mortality rate. God’s heart is for the women in Sierra Leone to be so full of His love, and no longer bound by fear. The long-term goal is seeing the national maternal mortality rate in Sierra Leone drop to zero.