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BE READY for the next generation


Anyone following the headlines today will know that it is becoming more difficult for Christians in Canada to hold on to their Christian beliefs without it costing them something. And the challenge is only going to be that much greater for the next generation.

More than ever, Christians need to be ready to navigate through the challenges thrown at them by the culture – but not only for themselves. They must also be ready to protect others, especially the next generation, from the false and destructive ideas that are so widespread today.

Be Ready 2018 is a conference aimed at equipping Christians of all generations to represent Christ with confidence, and to uphold their Christian convictions in the public square with gentleness and respect.

Keynote Speakers: Josh McDowell, Sean McDowell, Scott Klusendorf


Good Friday 2018

Dr. Brian Miller: Evidence for Design in Nature

Advances in physics, biology, and other science disciplines are increasingly pointing to evidence that the universe and life are the products of intelligent design. For instance, physicist and origins expert Paul Davies has argued that any fundamental understanding of the origin of life must start with the origin of information, and internationally recognized organic chemist James Tour has argued that all theories for the origin of life are completely implausible. Dr. Miller will speak about this growing body of evidence for intelligent design in nature, and he will describe why leading biologists are rejecting the idea that the appearance of design in biology can be explained by Darwinian evolution. Dr. Miller has a B.S. in physics from MIT and a Ph.D. in physics from Duke University.

Dr. Brian Miller: Communicating the Christian Faith

Dr. Brian Miller, from the Origins Institute, will discuss how to respectfully explain the Christian faith to friends, family, and coworkers. He will also describe how to handle common questions and to present an intellectual defense for its truth.


Fatherheart ‘Going Deeper’ Weekend

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If you’ve attended a Fatherheart School in the past, and are hoping for a chance to dig a little deeper into the Father’s love – your chance is here!  This three day weekend will start Thursday night and run all day Friday and Saturday (with evenings free) at Jubilee Church in Calgary. 

All information and registration details are located online on the Fatherheartcanada.com website. Check it out!

Fatherheart Taste & See

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This year’s ‘Taste & See’ is specifically being offered to those in Pastoral leadership. This is a 3-day event, and will be held at Entheos Retreat Centre, just west of Calgary.

All information and registration details are located online on the Fatherheartcanada.com website.  

Oregon Student Trip 2018

This February, we are taking a group of students to Corvallis, Oregon, where we will connect with our greater Every Nation family at the Student Conference, and then stay on to serve alongside our ENC (Every Nation Campus) family on the Oregon State University campus. We’re excited to experience the presence of God with our extended ENC family, and to see our students grow in confidence as they learn new ways of reaching out to fellow students to talk about God and share their faith.

Please consider partnering with us to support these students as they go! For specific sponsorship, please enter the Student’s Name in the memo field on the giving form.




Corporate Fasting Week

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Every year we gather together with Every Nation churches around the world to partake in a corporate fast.  This year, our fast is taking place January 8-12, 2018.  

We encourage you to slow down and make space in your calendar to gather together with others during this week, to pray together, listen together and allow God to move in our lives through one another.

This year’s fasting guide is based on the book of Ephesians, and it includes practical advice if this is your first time fasting, as well as daily reflections to focus on while you fast. You can find an online copy of the fasting guide here.


December & January Schedule

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If you are wondering what we are up to in the next few weeks, here is our schedule for the holiday season and the start of the new year:

December 3, 2017: UChurch Party – Not meeting at the University of Calgary

December 10, 2017: Regular Sunday Gathering – 10:30AM @ UofC ST140

December 17, 2017: Christmas Service – 10:30AM @ UofC ST140

December 24, 2017: University Closed – No Sunday Gathering

December 31, 2017: Univeristy Closed – No Sunday Gathering

January 7, 2018: First Sunday Gathering of 2018 – 10:30AM @ UofC ST140

January 8-12, 2018: UChurch & Every Nation Corporate Fast (*fasting guides available for pick-up Sundays in December, or download the PDF online).

UChurch Family Skate

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**WEATHER UPDATE: The ice is holding on and has survived this very warm week. We are all set for skating!

In lieu of our usual Sunday gathering, we are hosting a casual family skate (weather permitting!) for the entire family to celebrate the Christmas season.

Bring your skates, helmets, and winter gear, we’ll provide the hot chocolate. 

WHEN: December 3
TIME: 10AM to 12PM
WHERE: Glendale Community Skating Rink (4500 – 25 Ave SW)

If you are looking for more family fun, check out our Christmas Dance Party @ 6:30PM, same date & location.

*please note, there will be no church service  at the UofC on December 3.

UChurch Christmas Party 2017

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Join us on Sunday December 3 at 6:30PM for a dance party, performance, DJ, and lots of fun. Everyone is welcome!

We’ll provide drinks, so please bring an appetizer or dessert to share with everyone.

WHEN: December 3 @ 6:30PM
WHERE: Glendale Community Hall
WHAT: Dancing, Potluck, Music, Christmasy Fun
DRESS: Fancy Festive Wear

If you are looking for more family fun, check out our Christmas Family Skate @ 10AM, same date & location.

*please note, there will be no church service  at the UofC on December 3.

Attention Drivers! New Parking Fees in Effect starting Sept 3

If you drive on Sunday mornings, you’ll need to know this!

Starting September 3, 2017, University of Calgary Lot #21 will be charging standard parking fees for all vehicles parked during UChurch Celebrations on Sunday mornings. 

UChurch would love to cover your parking fees, so please get in touch. We’ll be circulating information with a new parking code that you can use on Sundays from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM that will allow us to cover your cost. Feel free to call us at 403-397-3301 or email info@uchurch.ca for more details.

Please note that parking tickets received on Sunday mornings will no longer be able to be cancelled, so make sure you get in touch before you park in September.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Once you’ve received the code, follow these instructions at the pay machine in lot #21 to allow UChurch to cover your parking fees:

1.  Press the yellow button below the word “Code” on the display screen

2.  Enter our 5-digit parking code

3.  Press the check-mark, the green button beside the yellow buttons on the machine

4.  The machine will say “Account Valid” and prompt for you to enter your license plate number

5.  Press the Green Check-Mark once you have entered your license plate number

6.  Press the yellow button under the word “Prepaid” to print your ticket

7.  Display your ticket while parked in the lot during the service.

If you have questions, call us at 403-397-3301.