2018 Women’s Retreat

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Further Up & Further In!


WHEN: September 14-16, 2018

WHERE: Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp (approx. 2.5hrs South-West of Calgary)

COST: $110

We are excited to announce that Denise Jordan and Katie Weidrick will be joining us for the retreat. These 2 women are asked to speak all over the world and we are so excited to have them share with us! 
We will begin on Friday at 8pm, and end the weekend Sunday at lunch time. The price includes accommodations in heated cabins and all meals during the weekend.
There will be time free time to relax, but also explore, hike, or even swim in the lake so make sure you come prepared for the fall mountain weather.

Registration is Now Closed

During the retreat last year, Father called us to a deep level of vulnerability, revealing that before we can go deeper we need to unveil the heart of who we are. It was so beautiful to see so many of us women sharing where we have been and what Father had been speaking to us.

As we prayed for this year’s retreat, we got a vision from Father:

Just as Aslan (from The Chronicles of Narnia) led all the Pevensie kids from Narnia higher and higher into the reality of who he was, all the while calling “Further up an further in!”, in this same manner, we were running lighting fast, deeper into the Father’s love laughing and playing. We weren’t racing against each other but encouraging each other all the way. We would stop at different heights and take in where we had been, then with a laugh we’d yell “Further up and further in!” 



This year Father has been calling us deeper into his love individually and collectively. He’s been breaking down the lies, dismantling shame, and restoring our hearts as daughters. He is taking us Further Up and Further In

We are all on an adventure and, while we all may be at a different stage of the journey, one thing is for sure, Father is knitting us together like never before. He’s shaping us into the image of who we were meant to be all along: his daughters. Our stories are all different but we all have the same Papa who loves each of us so uniquely to who we are. 

Additionally, as we’ve been praying about the retreat, Father has been telling us that he is going to use this time with Denise and Katie to birth something new in us and that there will be an impartation of giftings, annointing, and callings happening this weekend.

As you pray about the weekend, ask God what in your heart does he want to birth? Is there a calling he wants to set out in you? A gifting that he wants to reawaken? Ask him also to give you the faith to grab hold of what he has for you and give you the discernment to walk it out after the weekend.