Becoming Love(d)

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Now I’ve received his love, how do I live this?

For anyone who’s been on a journey of receiving the Father’s love, the question often presents itself – how then do I live? As love pours in, the woundedness that comes out of our hearts to be dealt with is often confusing and challenging. How do we go beyond just receiving love, and move into a place of living it out in our daily lives?

Becoming Love(d) is a 3-day gathering for those wanting to deeply explore the practicality of the challenges that present themselves when we open ourselves up to receive love, and the realities of living life while being loved.  Previous attendance of at least one ‘A’ School is strongly recommended.

Mark Head (International Director of FatherHeart Ministries) will be joining us at Entheos Retreat Centre July 16 – 18th for a time of teaching & practical application, open discussion and the chance to ask questions and share from our personal experiences, and of course some time of ministry. We’re looking forward to some rich time of connection as we share in this adventure!

Some themes we will be looking at during the 3 days together:

  • A focus on revealing things like ‘how is our heart changed by love in this revelation’
  • Processing pain; when love pours in sometimes pain or other things begin to pour out. How can we engage or disengage from this process?
  • Communing with the Father; exploring together ways to meaningfully engage with the Father day to day and finding the ways that are unique to each one of us.
  • The purposes of God; how we can grow in love through failure, relational breakdown & disappointment
  • The practical application of heart forgiveness in our daily lives
  • Our on-going need for comfort
  • Becoming Love(d) – what is it to become a manifestation of love

Monday night we’ll begin with some time for connection and sharing, Tuesday will be a full day, and we’ll break shortly after lunch on Wednesday. Schedule is still being finalized, so stay tuned for more details.

Visit the Fatherheart Canada website for registration details.