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Have you ever wondered how to study the Bible?  Where do you start? How do you hear God through scripture? 

Starting  November 22, Bob McNeal will be teaching a Bible Study course bi-weekly in a small group setting. He’ll be teaching on how to dig into the word and hear God through scripture, using an example book study on Ephesians. We’re excited to see what God has in store! 

Email Keeley Baril if you are interested in participating or call 403-397-3301.


Bob and Paulette McNeal have been serving as missionaries in Kenya, East Africa, for the last 29 years.  Responding to hunger for Biblical teaching in the local churches in their remote location in Southwest Kenya, they started travelling and holding seminars to instruct in Biblical truths, teaching Pastors to study the Word for themselves. As the demand for seminars rose, it became evident that something more permanent was needed, and God lead them to open Bukuria Bible College (BBC) in 1993. Both Bob and Paulette wrote material and compiled the curriculum for the college, teaching many courses themselves as well as adding others to their team so that they could offer a full course load. To date, they have had 300 students graduate from their main campus with degrees in Theology.  As well, graduates from BBC have gone on to start satellite schools in two other locations, with the hope of two more starting in the near future. Bob and Paulette have seen many lives and communities changed as their students become equipped with tools to study and know the Word of God for themselves, and the ability to share truth and practical application with their churches, families and greater communities. They have seen lives transformed by the love of God, as they discover how to hear him, know his heart, and share that with others.

Bob and Paulette are currently in Calgary due to health issues, but Bob is excited to continue the work God has called them to, here in Canada.  He has a unique burden to see the Church learn how to read and study the Word of God for themselves; to experience freedom and be equipped with a solid Biblical foundation. And he’s excited to share a new study he’s developing with UChurch!