Father Heart Open Evening Session – Tonight!

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Wednesday, March 16  at 7:30pm you are invited  to come join us at the Delta Lodge @ Kananaskis for a “Taste & See” night!  

The Father Heart “A” School here in Kananaskis wishes to extend an invitation to anyone interested in coming up for an evening session – either to get refreshed (perhaps you have been to an “A” school), or to get a peek at what the school is like and learn a bit more about the revelation of the Father and the Son. It is a bit of a drive so no worries if your busy or have schedule pressures – we just wanted to let you know your welcome to join us 

You will meet some great people and enjoy a nice ride into our “Dads” backyard!  (better than TV anytime!)

Because it takes about 45-60 min to drive from Calgary to the lodge (depending on where you live)  we moved the evening session start time to 7:30pm to accommodate those desiring to make the drive out through the beautiful Rockies after work.  

If you can come out, we are in the Bronze Conference room at Delta Lodge. If you have GPS type in this address  1 Centennial Drive, Kananaskis Village, Alberta T0L 2H0 Canada

If you need more directions or have a quick question, give me txt 403.397.6058  – Brant