Freedom Tree Team is on the go!


Brant, Sean & Jordan left February 3 to join with representatives from 15 African countries for a huge Church planting conference, where 5,000 people are expected to attend!  Please pray for the guys as they take this opportunity to join with so many influential leaders, and especially for Brant, as he’s been asked to speak!

Tara and Carolyn will be joining the guys after the conference, and the team will be helping to plan the next stages for Freedom Tree, including a new birthing clinic, establishing a new scholarship program, scouting out new villages that need assistance, and making plans for when Carolyn goes back in April (for 3 months!), and Jordan in November – lots of exciting things to come!

Please join us in praying for this team as they make valuable connections for the future of Freedom Tree in Sierra Leone, building on established relationships as well as making new friends and seeking God for discernment and direction.


Check back for updates as they come in.. lots is happening!