This Weekend @ UChurch

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This weekend, UChurch will be hosting the Sonship Conference at Immanuel Church. This will be a full weekend for our church family so we will not be gathering on Sunday morning at UofC as we usually do.

As always, we encourage you to get together with others from our church family and be in community. 



For the ladies, we are hosting a Women’s Retreat Debrief on Sunday morning. God did a lot of things for/through the women last weekend at the retreat, and as such we feel like there is a lot to unpack and it is always better to do that together. Having said that, we feel that whatever was birthed last weekend is for everyone in our family (and the greater body of Christ), not just for the ladies that were at the retreat. 

If you are a woman and you want to join us in unpacking what God is doing in our midst, please come this Sunday and participate in our debrief, wether you were able to come to the retreat or not.

WHEN: Sunday, September 23 @ 11AM – 1PM

WHERE: Bleiles’ Residence 38 Discovery Vista Point SW

WHAT: Discussion, questions, responses, revelation, love. This a women-only event.