Fasting Week 2019

Every year we gather together with Every Nation churches around the world to partake in a corporate fast.  This year, our fast is taking place January 7-11, 2018.  

We invite you to slow down and make space in your calendar to gather together with others during this week, to pray together, listen together and allow God to move in our lives through one another.

The Every Nation 2019 fasting guide is titled Great Faith, and it includes practical advice if this is your first time fasting, as well as daily reflections to focus on while you fast.  In addition, UChurch will be providing supplementary material that reflects upon what God has been doing within our UChurch family and what we have been hearing from him during our monthly intercession time.

Please note that our monthly intercession gathering will be held during the fasting week, on January 9th. Save the date.



Every Nation Fasting Guide 2019

UChurch Fasting Guide 2019 – Day 1