Walking Together in Sonship

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We were created to love and be loved. Having a heart of a son or daughter to Almighty God is where it all begins, but it is not where it ends! In sonship we walk in an intimacy with God that sets us in step to walk together in mutually life-giving community.

Community describes the essential nature of God: God is love. The Father loves the Son and the Son loves the Father in the bond of the Holy Spirit. A communion of love between the three persons of God is eternal – it has always been and it always will be! You were created to share deeply in that eternal community of love.

As a community we are honored to welcome Paul Fitzgerald (from  Sonship Events) with James and Denise Jordan for this special event and time together. 

Throughout the weekend we will discover and unpack:

  • The reality of community
  • Who is responsible for creating and sustaining community
  • What holds you back from experiencing deep and satisfying relationships 
  • How to remove the blockages to receiving and giving love
  • What it means to walk together in unity


Event Costs in CAD: 

General Admission: $150

Couples: $225

Students: $120


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